Same Difference (Bloggy BFF-dom)

Hello there, Loveys!
I'm excited to introduce you to a little something called...
 Back in the day {as in when I had my old blog}, I used to do "copy cat posts" with a bloggy called PidgApeg.  These posts came to be because Pidg and I usually think alike but write the same kinda posts in a different way.  Her being really funny (as in pee in your pants funny) and me a little more mushy and sensitive, but still entertaining.  {wink}

So Pidg and I got organized and Bam!
Same Difference
You're Welcome:)

This week we narrowed our scatterbrain thoughts to talking about Bloggy BFF Relationships.
So without further adieu -

The Do's and Don'ts of Bloggy BFF-dom
{According to Nay} 


~ always always comment on each other's blogs.  That way you will always at least have one comment to read.  Comments make my day and knowing that I'll have at least one on a post?  A better day already!

~  stalk each other.  I've been bloggy bffs with Pidg since before I can remember.  It's like she's always been there.  We actually tried to figure out when we "got together" and can't find the very first time.  All I know is that I stalked the heck outta her until she couldn't resist any longer. 

~ know that a daily morning "good morning" text won't bother her.  Actually, it makes the day complete.  Oh, and the afternoon, and evening texts are awesome, too.  It's having a person you can talk to at every moment of the day.  Now Pidg and I are about three hours time difference from each other.  But it's okay...we know when and when not to call or text.  And our husbands get it...or they better! LOL

~ trust that if you get along in the beginning, you will always get along.  The Pidg and I were separated for a while...but when she came back - I was open virtual arms.  I didn't need a lot of explanations, I was just happy she was back.  Yet, I did make her promise not to leave again.

~ do give honest feedback.  When I write a hard-to-me post and I press that Publish button, and then freak out that I published that post, Pidg is there to tell me not to freak out.  When I'm having an awful day, Pidg's texts and emails are there in an instant.  It's like she knows.  We often tell each other that we think we're each other's imaginary friend.  It's too good to be true.

So I know this is a Do and Don't kinda post,  
but there's really only one Don't...

Don't ever judge her past, present and future.  Hear her story and understand that she is who she is because of those stories.  

Always be supportive.
It's what Bloggy BFFs do.
And who am I kidding?
Bloggy BFF, really?!
She has long been a IRL BFF...we've just never met is all.

Do you have a Bloggy BFF? Go send her a virtual hug - you know she loves 'em!


  1. Yes, I just ran in from the yard work because I realized I read but didn't comment. (rule #1) Haha! I love you to death, you always make me feel like I'm worth somethin' I love how similar we are when we don't read each other's first... really cool or really scary that we think the same!

  2. Hey bloggy BFF =). Sorry I suck at texting. But I love you oodles and oodles. And I'm glad stalked you until you stalked me back too. Now hurry up and finish school so that you have time to chat more again!

  3. Oh my gosh! Now I want a bloggy BFF!!!!

  4. LOVE this! I always use the phrase "same difference". I agree with The Four on Board, now I want a bloggy BFF, too!

  5. Dude... a club with matching ascots... oh def ;) I'm gonna frame that pic of me and you and tell people we really met. I'm not delusional at all why?

    1. You? imaginary friend - lol!

  6. Love the pic even if youve never met! Yall r cuuuute! Totally how i feel/felt about Megan! Ive asked her a couple times about a post after hitting publish and she just gets it :) Great idea! Looking forward to more posts!

  7. good tips :) Bloggy BFFs are great!


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