♫♪This is Dedicated to the One I Love ♫♪

You did a great job, Mama.
I love you.
Happy Mama Day!
I wrote this post for you a while back.
{I'll print this out and mail it to you, k?}
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There are two things going on in my head at this exact moment
{on top of all the other wonderous thoughts happening}
That song
♫♪♫ain't no mountain high enough♫♪♫
you know the one that Diana Ross sang
- and -
The constant reminder that keeps coming to my mind whenever I think I can't do something...the one I have repeated countless times on here,
 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

Both of those things remind me of strength and love...and both from two very special sources.
That Diana Ross song? ...that's my mama.
I can't remember a time my mother wasn't singing...in the kitchen, in the car, when she put us to sleep {oh goodness, I'm getting a little weepy thinking about it}.  Not until very very recently have I ever thought my mother as a strong woman.  For some insane reason, I thought my mom was weak.  But something happened a month or so ago...I thought about my mom and how good she was to me and my brother...how she made things possible with what little we had, how she knew us inside out even when we weren't sure of ourselves, how she taught us to be happy, how she was our best friend. 

Often times, I look back on my childhood and dwell on all the bad things...and that's wrong.  There were so many good things and all of them were because of my mama.
She didn't sing us lullabies - she sang Motown hits and James Taylor and the Beatles to soothe us.
She was hip and cool before I even knew what that meant.

I often wonder how can I do it all - family, work, home, school, lil projects, keeping in touch with friends and all of you, blogging...- and then I think of my mom.
She did it that's why I can.  She is a ROCK.  And, amazingly, I am a product of her - and wow, did she do a good job with what God gave her:)

The only way she could do all these things - how I can do all these things - is because of that Guy Up There.  The one who even though things were rough around the edges, even though there is hurt and pain from the past...He has given me everything I have now.  Everything because He knows I'm strong enough to handle it - to take the blows - to take the good and make it awesome!

Yeah, I can do all things through Him...but having some of my mama helps a lot too.

A little note to you, as well:
Lovey, you are awesomely made.  You can do whatever you think you can.  And those things you don't think are in you?  I promise - if you try to do them -even if you fail miserably - you will have succeeded.
You. Can. Do. This.

{and} a little note to me:
Call Mom.



  1. Oh, Nay you're making me all tingly and stuff. That is the sweetest post ever. I know your Mama will love it when you print it out and mail it. That is SO exactly how my Mama is... it makes me giggle. Oh, and Happy Mother's day to you sweet thing ;)


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