Baby Steps Again...

It's not bad, right?
{That rose helped a lot - God's beauty right in front of me all weekend.}

There was a massive amount of studying that started Saturday mid-day and went through to Sunday.
I was fueled by determination, a little bit of procrastination, and tons of iced coffee.
I put my girl pants on and got things done, chanting to myself two lines:
"You've gone this far, don't fail me now!"
"I can do all things."

Today is my Math Final.  I've already emailed my History Final to the professor.  Thursday is the English Final...and then?
Normalcy, I hope.

I'm done talking about school and complaining about this semester.

I'm ready to say Hello!
Hello Stack of Books I want to devour this summer...
Hello Jillian Michaels Revolution every morning before work...or maybe some Zumba on the Wii?
Hello weekends at the beach...anywhere near water.
Hello to four free hours off every pay period!!!

Hello everything I feel like I've missed the last few months.
Wait...what did I just say?
Well, yeah...
Isn't that the bottom line?
While on the goal of bettering myself by going back to school to finally get a degree, I forgot something very important.


I forgot to just take baby steps.
I forgot to practice what I preach.
I forgot to be happy like I promised myself I would.
I forgot all the self-care and self-love that I worked so hard on in January.

Well, what's important is that I remember now.
It's never too late.

So it was a hard one said it would be easy.
Did I get through it?  Yes.
Have I learned? Yes.
Isn't that what I wanted?

So new step forward...
New Baby Step.

I'm ready.
I just had to remember.


  1. How 'bout you "baby steps" over to NC and we'll load up on iced coffee together! I'm so proud of you for all that you've accomplished (and continue to accomplish) You will have a wonderful week, promise, cuz I'll be texting you to make sure. Hey, if you come over we can make a fort! Loves you!

  2. despite all of your struggle and frustration, you have ROCKED this semester. You are juggling a lot of things, and I am so proud of you! And I really hope you enjoy your much deserved break from school, my friend.

  3. I know first-hand how hard going back to school is. I did it for over 5 years while working and through planning a wedding and through two pregnancies. It's a challenge, but think about how proud and accomplished you'll feel when you're done. I always tell Paul that the girls can never tell me they're aren't going to college simply because they don't 'want' to. I certainly didn't want to, but I did it anyway. And I feel like if I can do it, anyone can!


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