Blog Post 101

No...this is not a "How to write a post" blog entry.
This is actually my 101st blog post on

I wouldn't even know how to explain how to write a post anyway.
Well I would tell you one thing, though...
I'd tell you to have photos of yourself every once in a while.
Bloggers/Readers like to see who is writing them.

So here you go...
This is me, happy that it's Friday, 
with my non-Starbucks coffee in my real Starbucks recyclable coffee tumbler:
 Nay in all her glory...tired and a bit stressed glory...but hey it's somethin'...
I'm still standing!
I wanted to crawl under the covers this morning when the alarm went off, but I didn't.
I wouldn't.
I don't.
I just get up - face this Friday with a smile, my coffee, and an outfit that matches.
Check, check, and double-check.

I asked the Husband to take pics of me this morning and he said, "again?"
Yes, babe.  Again...for as long as I can get you to do it before I have to ask the kids to do it.
You're my husband and you don't know this but it's in your unwritten contract.
{not really sorry}

Friday is here.
Thank you God.
You got me through another week, Sir.
Finals are coming and then a couple days off.
I can't wait.
Then maybe I'll write about something different than how stressed I am about school.
'Cause I know it probably drives you crazy having to always hear about it.

Another thing about writing blog posts! {Yes, I'm still pretending that I'm not writing about that...}
Always be you on a blog post.
Since everyone else is taken and it would be so boring reading the same post on everyone's blog.

Another rambling blog post to end the week.
Hope your day is (was - depends on when you're reading this) wonderful and you make every single moment memorable.  You only live once, right?
I don't know why...but I got this overwhelming feeling to say:
Hi Lovebug and/or Little Love,
This is what Mommy looked like at 39! {Or do you call me Mom in the future?}
I love you.  I hope you felt that...always.
This is my blog.  This is my living memoir.  I hope you learn who I am (or was) with this place.
See you later?


  1. Yes, that picture looks cute! Of course I love all the crazy ones you send me throughout the day too ;) I'm making another batch of "non-starbucks" cold coffee too AND I put it in my starbucks tumbler, you know the one that's the size of Nebraska! Happy Friday to you my dear friend, wish I was there! Loves!

  2. Lol. Paul's the same way. "Paul you have to take my weekly bump pic." "Again?" Then we get into this discussion about how I always complain that the pictures he takes are never in focus and blah blah blah, in which I respond, "well all the other bloggers have their boyfriends and husbands take their pictures. Maybe you need to start looking at their photos and study them. Seriously, you need to learn to take good pictures if my blog is ever going to be popular!" Haha!

  3. Congratulations on building this new blog that I know you love so much! I have loved every post. And commented on many, if not most of them. I love seeing your pretty smile on your blog, and your coffee. It reminds me that I haven't had any yet today, which you and I both know is unacceptable.

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