Family Portraits?!

Hi loveys,
How are you?  We're good as you can tell by the pics up there.
I was putting Lovebug to sleep the other night and then Little Love sneaked in.
We were snuggling and chit-chatting while we waited for Daddy to come upstairs.
I had my phone with me and Little Love says that he wants to take "a funny photo, Mommy!"
Who am I to say no, right?
And, um...these are our kind of family portraits.  
We haven't taken photos since Little Love was a toddler.
Well, one thing lead to another and my phone got blasted with funny face photo after silly face photo.
The Hubby comes upstairs and finds in hysterics.
So what does he do?
Join in the fun, of course.
This is how the "coffee-n-family" do it.
We love hard, laugh hard, and have tons of fun.
So just another night and another moment to capture memories.
Makes me feel awesome.
Love this family we created.
Now I'm ready for the weekend and to capture more of these 
Funny, Silly, Special Moments.

Have a wonderful night, loveys!
Make your weekend the best ever!
First weekend of Summer!!!



  1. Our family portraits look the same! I love them, those are the best memories... the ones where you can see how you really are! I love them!

  2. You guys are the best. Makes me look forward to having little ones!


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