I just love when I'm...

I was off of work from Wednesday through Sunday last week.
I finished off my finals and the Spring semester.
Then I was off to do what I wanted for three whole days.
You know what I wanted to do with all that time on my hands?

All I wanted was to spend time with you.

Soaking in the sun
Going to the pool
Checking out a DVD or two and picking up some reads at the library
Spreading out a blanket on the grass and relax at the park
Go into an air-conditioned movie theater and load up on popcorn and a good movie
Getting a slurpee and remembering with every sip about "BRAIN FREEZE!"
Baking...a chocolate cake, chocolate-chip cookies, and some banana muffins to round it all out
Making sandwiches and having a picnic in the living room
Going to the 99-cent store and picking up some notebooks
Decorating those notebooks and making them into "summer thankfulness journals"
Staying up late and sleeping in
Playing Super Mario Bros on the Wii
Going to the beach
Watching "Man of Steel" on opening weekend

We got to do all that stuff together and more.
It wasn't just doing things and going out that I enjoyed so much.
It was that you were with me the whole time.
You, my littles.
My mini-Me and mini-Daddy
My Lovebug and Little Love

You're growing up so fast and I am so amazed at how wonderful you are.
I am thankful for you.

I loved having those three first days together.  Just the three of us.
Ending the time together with Daddy on Saturday and Sunday made it even better.

I can't wait to have another long break off from work and just be us again.

I love spending time with you.
You make me happy.
I love you.


  1. oh my gosh this made me cry! i am glad you enjoyed your time off!!!

  2. Aw! Those are great loves! Nothing is more wonderful then making memories with your kiddos! Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Love that photo...such a beautiful family! Thanks for linking up to the "Loves on a Thursday" Party!
    -Sarah from www.linleyhouse.com

  4. Spending time with important people is one of life's best pleasures


  5. Love it!! I'm so glad you had extra time to spend with them!

  6. Yay for extra time which equals to extra loving! Xoxoxoxo


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