Pick a word...any word (Same Difference - Part Deux!)

Hello there, Loveys...
Welcome to another segment of
Pidg is doing a great job with the buttons, huh?!

This is the day of the week that My Pidg and I figure out a little theme and write our hearts out.  
The deal is we don't collaborate on the post in any way and don't know what either of us will come up with until the day it publishes.  Fun for us...and I hope for you all as well.

This week we decided to pick a word out of the dictionary together and then use that word in our post.
We could write a poem, short-story...or a brain-dump of sorts.  

Last week I flipped through the dictionary and stuck my finger on a page and it landed on....
(Pidg was thrilled with the word, by the way!)

Okay I think I'm ready to dive in. 
 I'll get to it but make sure to see what Pidgy came up with, too, k?

 it's because there are always so many things that make me wonder. The "why" of things...
 situations that make me wonder why the world goes around the way it does or why certain things happen in my life.
 laughter, sorrow...the last roll of toilet paper...you know, the important stuff.
 squirrels that like to stare at me while I eat lunch outside at work (or follow me when I have to go across campus)...or even the weird stuff.
 does a day go by without the word "Why?" coming out of my mouth.  Not only Why, but
I still...have that piece of chocolate if I don't have any for the rest of the week?  Am I able to...get all my homework done before finals?  Will I get through this day without collapsing from exhaustion?
 I got what it takes to keep on truckin'?  Will I always spill something on myself when I wear white?
 trials and tribulations that runs through my mind.  I have so much going around in this brain of mine.  
 at what I'm actually writing right now....and unable to stop writing it....wanting you all to know the real me....the weird me.
 would really like hanging out in my brain with me, though. You'd see that I'm actually more fun when you see what I'm actually thinking as compared to what I say when the filter is on.

Yup, I'm that girl that instead of using the actual word "melancholy" like she was supposed to (like she suggested - sorry Pidg) - I just used the letters of the word instead - avoiding it at all costs.  
When Pidg got excited about the word, I just thought how depressing it was.  
But how could I say, "Oh please can we change the word?" when I could see in her texts how she was jumping for joy!?  
So as any good BFF would do, I sucked it up, loveys.  
I, in turn, decided:  
How can I make this work out for me?  How can I "work" it?
How would I make melancholy uplifting or funny even?  
At first I thought I could say "I ernati melancholy" (like that one, Lei?)  and leave it at that...
Instead I came up with just being me...all wonderfully weird me.
And that's that.

...wanna hear more about the squirrel?



  1. I HEART you so much! You said I wouldn't like your post it was wonderfully you! I'm so impressed! I love, oh love how we twist anything to make it match our personalities... my silly Nay, of course it was perfecto! Rule breaker! I'm totally wearing off on you :)

  2. I don't know if you know this, but it's impossible to not spill when wearing white. White is a spill magnet.

    Squirrels are creepers.

    You. Oh you. You are fantasmagorical.


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