Quiet Time Requested

Did you have a nice weekend?
It was a nice and calm weekend for us.
A weekend of watching summer blockbusters, 
renting a few movies at home, and going to a birthday party at the park.
 I forced myself to be quiet for a little bit yesterday.
And it got me thinking...
Thinking of being quiet for a little bit on here.
To regroup.
To write.
To read.
To be with my family.
To be with myself.
To have a life without checking my phone constantly.
To get back to "us".
Just some quiet time requested {by me} because I desperately need it.

Just a little break to reactivate those creative juices that I feel aren't there right now.
A moment to find my voice.
A moment to focus.
I think every so often there's a need to unplug.
This is my time to do that.
It's not for everybody...but it is for me every once in a while.
I'll be back.
Better and refreshed.
Talk to you later:)


  1. Have an enjoyable, well deserved break. And shoot me a text or an email every now and then, just so I still know you're okay. Love you!


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