Twirl...Twirl...and Twirl Some More

Okay, so that's not me in that pic...but you get the idea.
I twirled the other night.

Yes...I'll explain.

I was going a little crazy on Thursday night and I tried all my tried-and-true things to lift my spirits a little.
Nothing worked.  I wanted to just lay there and let life just pass by - just get it over with so I could see what was going to happen next.  

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about school, work, fitting in quality time with the family, the loads of dishes, the essays to write, the math homework to do, the two math exams to prepare for, the finals right after, Little Love's track meet that weekend, the cake I promised to make three weeks ago...
Get the picture?
Yeah...I got a tad weirded-out and just a little bit twitchy.

Then I stopped.
I realized that I needed to practice what I preached.
I needed to twirl.
Twirl like my life depended on it.
See...when a friend calls me for advice about whatever is going on in her life and she needs to just let it all go, I tell her to twirl.  
"Go to an open space in your house and twirl.  I'll wait 'til you're finished."  
And usually, it either works or she just laughs at my "advice".  Either way, she feels a tad bit better.  And you know what, they all do it.  Maybe not physically, but they imagine themselves doing it.

Gosh darn it!
Well, why didn't I do that for myself?
I was having the start of a mini nervous breakdown and I just needed to twirl.
And that I did...

I didn't tell anyone I did...well, I'm lying.  I spoke to God and said, "Are You sure?"
And with all my might, I twirled.
Twirled and tumbled on the floor 'cause I'm a clutz and my feet have issues...but dang it - I twirled better than any twirl-command I've given.

And how did I feel after?
Well, dizzy.
But that mini-nervous breakdown?
God said He was sure.
Thy will be done.



  1. Lots of twirling at our house! All.the.time. my secret weapon to sanity too! Love ya! xoxoxo

  2. Such a great idea!! I will think of you the next time I feel overwhelmed (happens more times than not) and remind myself to twirl. :)
    Have a beautiful week,
    Love Sparkle Pretty

  3. Such a great idea! I've been feeling the same way, but I spent nearly 4 hours contra-dancing on Saturday and boy-howdy did I feel GREAT afterwards. Dizzy and a hot sweaty mess, but great just the same. =)

  4. I've never tried twirling. Maybe I need to! I had a breakdown two weekends ago and it was bad. I even contemplated calling you because I needed to talk to someone. Thankfully, after lots of praying as I cried on the bathroom floor, God gave me a sign that everything was going to be okay.

  5. Wait so when you told me to twirl you didn't really mean it? I almost broke a window! LMBO! Oh how I loved this piece... beautiful, thoughtful, eloquent even. Next time make sure you have a petticoat that makes it all the more better. I'll bring that when I come over for BBQ. Loves you my Nay!

  6. Golly I needed to read this just now. So much overwhelm, so much pressure, so many people wanting more and more of me. It's hard to let go of those pressures and just be me. So if you find me puking on the carpet, it's because I twirled until they all left me the eff alone.

    I adore you. You're the best.

  7. LOVE this advice! I feel a twirl comin' on right NOW!!

  8. I twirl with my kids all the time! It's so fun to let go sometimes. It just raises my spirits in ways that little else can. :)


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