Uninspired? Read This! {Same Difference #4}


Same Difference
{The day when my bloggy bff and I choose a theme and both write about it in our own "special" way. We don't collaborate and we don't see each other's posts beforehand.}

This week's theme:  "What to do when you don’t know what to blog about"
Is that not the longest title ever? What do you think of "Blogging Uninspired"?
Oh, whatever...:)
I think you get the point, so...
Read on, lovey, read on!

You will read on other blogs about what to do when you don’t know what to write.  Other better or more experienced bloggers will say to get inspired by your everyday life, write a “list of things” type of post, or maybe have guest bloggers on.

What will I tell you?
Definitely not that.

When I don’t know what to write or am feeling totally uninspired to write on this space, I go through this:

Text Pidg and complain that I don’t have anything to blog about or that I don’t have it in me that day.  This will lead to a ten-minute or so text conversation about how we are feeling the same way and it feels good sometimes not to blog.  After having a few laughs with Pidg by text on what we should definitely not post about, you actually get one solid idea.  That idea is what the week’s theme for Same Difference would be.  And that theme is this.

Put phone down and figure out what you are going to write about.  It’s been X amount of days that you haven’t written on your blog and you begin to worry that no one will read your blog.

Surf through Pinterest.  Maybe you’ll find a good quote or something that will inspire you.  Two hours later, still nothing.  But hey some really cool repining was done.

Go on Instagram and waste some more time liking everyone just so you don’t have to face the blank word document.

Wash dishes.  Fold Laundry maybe?

Go take a shower or go to bed, that’s when you start thinking at your best right?  Remember that these are  also the two worst places to think because you don’t have anywhere to write all the rambling thoughts.

Grab phone and go into Notes and try to type it all out with your thumbs.  Get frustrated that your thumbs don’t hit the right letters.  Turn off Notes section because what you did write you definitely cannot write on the blog.

Go to your favorite blogs and see what they wrote today.  Laugh…cry…and then wonder why the heck aren’t you writing like that?!

Go to sleep.

Wake up next morning and complain to Pidg that you don’t know what to write about.

See the vicious circle?

Okay what if you can’t text Pidg…’cause, um…not all of you have her cell number, right?

This is what you REALLY do…
Take out a piece of paper, a paper bag, a post it…it doesn’t matter.
For 15 minutes straight…just write.
It’ll come to you.
You’re a writer after all.
And writers write, right? (liked that, huh?)

Don’t want to write today? Don’t.

Don’t know what to write about? Don’t force it.

 Haven’t written a post in four days straight?  It’s okay.  I promise.

The readers you think you’ll lose if you don’t write every day?  You won’t.  And if you do, they weren’t there for the right reasons.  Your readers will stay...the readers that are there because they love your writing, your wit, or just have nothing better to do that day…{smile}

So what do you do when you don’t know what to blog about?
That’s what you do…because it’s your blog…and that’s all that matters.

Now go over and read Pidg’s post...
 She will probably either make you laugh at what she thinks you should do or a least give you better things to do with your time.

'til next week, loveys!


  1. Heehee... why I love you so much.. let me count the reasons! You're so full of knowledge and I'm just so full of "it"! That's why we're so good together. To blog or not to blog... we'll get it done. Loves you!

  2. #6 - I hate it when I think of something when I'm already in bed. I swear to myself I'll remember the next day and I never do. Love your conclusion.

  3. I love this. This has been my inner monologue since mid-May. But you're right... when you discipline yourself to sit down and JUST DO It, it starts to flow.


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