Unpopular Much? {aka Same Difference #3}

 Welcome to the third installment of Same Difference with me and the Pidg
For this week's theme we're talking about...well, it's hard to explain.
 See, Pidg and I were on the phone the other day talking about blogging (really?!) and what to do to get our little spaces to grow and stuff.
Which got us to thinking about what makes us, well...unpopular.  Okay, I think I said that word, but we were both thinking it.
We were laughing about all things you can do to lose followers because we've probably done it.
So, it was on...like Donkey Kong...we would each do our own take on Blogging Stuffs.

* * *
I thought instead of doing one of those "woe is me, no one wants to read my blog"-posts, you'd rather enjoy why I think it's pretty awesome to be a unpopular blogger.
Good idea?
{disclaimer:  please read this in your sarcastic funny voice, k?}
Glenda singing "Popular" to Elfaba in Wicked...
The Benefits of Being an Unpopular Blogger
(other titles I thought would've been good:  "Blogging at Its Worse", "Do This to Get UN-followed", and "You Know You're Not a Blog Celebrity When...") 

 1.  Email
When you don't have more than 100 pageviews a day, you will have even fewer comments, which in turn means fewer emails!  That's fewer emails to answer that you secretly wish for.  Not having as many comments means that you have a better relationship with your email inbox.  Your relationship is stronger because you visit it so often to see if you have emails.  Your inbox will love you.

Your GFC widget will not change in weeks!  No need to keep looking back each day to see if it's grown in numbers.  You know who is following you...no, really, you probably know half of your followers personally.

3.  Photos
You can have your hubby take photos of you with your cell phone.  No need to put that special overlay on the photo, because no one will want to steal your photo or copy it in anyway.  

4.  Content
You can write about ANYTHING you want.  Just like the photos, other bloggers will not steal your idea.  Or if they do, you won't know because you don't get a link back.  Oh!  If they do steal it, they'll just pretend they thought it out all on their own...because they are major bloggers with tons of followers...

5.  Skipping/Ditching
You can skip blogging for a week or more.  It's okay.  No one noticed you were gone anyway.  The ones that do will email you (wink).

6.  Time
Oh my goodness!  You have so much time on your hands!  And people know it.  All those blogger events in the area? The companies seeking you out to do a review? THEY DON'T EXIST!  So, think of all that time you have to...oh, I don't know.  Surf the internet...checking your email...looking at instagram...checking your FB blog page...
Oh the possibilities of UNPOPULARITY!!!!

See, how okay it is to be a blogger with no following except for the handful...it's so liberating!

Sooooo liberating.

Go check out Pidgapeg.  She could use another pageview that's not from me.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha.



  1. I love you! Unpopular blogger girls need to stick together! I'm right beside you momma! Xoxo

  2. Ahh Haha! Sooooo liberating! Oh you crack my crud up! I love you to pieces... would not trade the fun I have with my Nay Evahh!!!

  3. hehe!!! this is great! I have had a hard time at night with my neck lately, which means the new blog has been neglected!! now I feel better!!!!

  4. Hahaha, I am the proud owner of an unpopular blog! Even better, is that any kind of tracker *doesn't work* so I can't see how very unpopular I am! :) Which frees me to post absolutely anything at all, because as far as I know, no one in the world reads me! :)

  5. I actually thought when I started my blog I might one day be popular, but alas, it's a bit like high school again. Thankfully I have a decent size extended family, so at least a few people read what I write...that is if they're not to busy on FB, Pinterest or Angry Birds!
    Thanks so much for being so funny- I am going to start following you and Pidg!!

  6. I agree with all of these times 10,000! This may be one of your funniest posts =). Us unpopular bloggers gotta stick together.

  7. Hysterical, and kuddos for writing the truth. I gotta say tho, being an unpopular blogger such as myself, I really do enjoy my free time that you bullet point as #6. I get so much stuff done, I don't want to be chained to my computer. And all these bloggers talking about how tired they are, obvi are not getting 9 hours of sleep like I am every night. Now they can be jealous of me!! ;)

  8. I prefer to be called a 'microblogger' ;) One advantage is NO or maybe just a few mean comments and emails...some of the big blogs I read can get really mean comments- I don't deal with that

  9. Ah, me too. I freaked out this morning because I checked my statistics (do it every day in the hope I will be the Madonna of the blogging world. Nope, not yet) and yesterday I had 39 page views. I usually get about four a day. Two of them me, the other two from Google robots that view my site whenever I post something new. I'm so popular.

    Anyway, never seen this blog before but I like it. Yeah. I'm not very good at commenting (tendency to ramble. Did you notice? Surely not.)


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