back when I was a barista

{Alarm went off at 4:30 am - took a quick shower, put on some jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Threw on a warm jacket and a beanie and left my apartment in Brookline, Massachusetts. I walked down the snow-covered street, past the duck pond and around the bend to my first morning job.}

The Coffee Bar is where I prepared amazing muffins, served up coffee and espresso drinks for people on their way to the train stop where they would start the day.  The expressions on their faces as they walked in - tired and somber - changing with that first sip of coffee.  Each mocha or tea made with care so that their day was just a little better.  It was one of my favorite jobs.  I would be there when the sun came up until right before noon.  The tip jar would be all mine and I'd use the spare change to take the "T" to my next job at Copley - taking a tumbler of coffee with me.

I was 19.

So naive and happy.  I was young and free to work hard and play hard.  It was one of the best times of my life.   I explored life in Boston without a care in the world.  On my days off I would explore the college towns by just getting on the "T" and letting it drop me off to a new adventure.

The Coffee Bar was where I met new and different people.  It was where I learned that I had the stamina to wake up early and work long days.  It was where I enjoyed work...really enjoyed coming into work.

As I sit and write this little entry, I wonder where that 19-year-old girl went.  
When did she turn into a 39-year-old that doesn't enjoy life that way anymore?  
I know it's because she didn't have the responsibilities I have now - but my 19-year-old self was carefree.  

Oh, how I miss her sometimes.

The barista with her flopping ponytail walking along the quiet streets of Brookline...getting on the train after a morning shift and taking out a composition book to write about the people around her and making up stories about them.  

Sipping on her coffee and just closing her eyes to smile.

Yes, she was wonderful and sweet.

She was everything I strive to be now.
What I do love though is that was me...and I can be her again whenever I can, I hope.

I think I'll sip on my coffee again...close my eyes...and smile. 

Maybe take the time to remember that girl from long ago and then...find the time for her again.


  1. Nay!!!! You are that fun loving woman! You have wonderful children and a great life. Ps, am I dense or did we not discuss the fact that you lived in Boston? That whole day was such a blur...


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