♫♪happy food dance♪♫

All weekend long I was doing the "happy food dance".
Saturday night was the best foodie experience of all.  While visiting the Bay Area, we went to San Jose and ate at Blue Line Pizza.  Oh my goodness!  Yummiliciousness all around.  Good Company...Good Food...always makes good memories.
If you are in the Bay Area, it's a must stop.  You'll thank me.  I promise:)

My sweet cousin-in-law had some wonderfulness waiting for me when we got to her house this weekend.  She turned me on to Star Box Food macarons a while back.  So whenever we go up for a visit, she has those waiting for me.  Every single time...that's love, I tell ya.  My favorite ones are the lemon macarons and the chocolate ones...but I devoured way more of all the other flavors than I should have.  Oh, but it's heaven in your mouth, loveys.  So worth it.
And oh goodness, my mouth waters just thinking of Starbread Bakery.  Their "señorita" rolls are to die for, loveys!  Melt in your mouth sweet bread....I could eat a whole box by myself.  Almost did - lol - don't tell anyone {wink}
Are you hungry yet?
There are so many other places up north that I love.  These are just a few.

What makes you do the "happy food dance"?