Happy to Say Hello

Hello Sweet San Francisco.
You are a favorite in our family.
Your city holds dear family and new friends.

Hello to this week.
I can't wait for this short week to end and the long weekend to start.
It will be our first Fourth of July in that fabulous city.
Planning on 
lots of great food, 
fun with extended family, 
friends to tour around with...
and all the simple things in between.

Hello Roadtrip.
That in itself will be great.
I'll have my kindle to keep me company while the Hubby drives and the kids watch DVDs in the back.
Traveling, just the four of us, to experience new things together and making new memories is pretty great as well.

Wednesday night we drive in and stay until Sunday morning.
I. Can. Not. Wait!

San Francisco, here we come!
Get ready for us!


  1. Sounds like something incredible to look forward to! Hopefully it helps the week pass by quickly and easily.


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