Dedicating new back-up dancing moves to:
 {psst...Megs, it was easier than I thought to put that on here!}
Oh, how I was grooving with this new favorite jam of mine this morning. 
Morning entertainment for me...and "here she goes again" time for the Hubby. 
Good times...good times.

Started a new reading relationship with: 
Synopsis & Excerpt here!
I still love Jodi.  She's my kinda writer...always has been
This book, though, is a different voice from her.  I like it.  A lot. 

Feeling pretty today in:
Got it at Target
Paired it with some jeans and matching earrings...the Hubby said I looked cute!
I always feel a little sexy and earthy in this top...Earthy? Okay, um...bohemian-ish.
It makes me feel good.

Indulging in this coffee-liciousness:
wow! a recipe too!
Large Vanilla Latte...yes, I'm cheating on Starbucks lately.  But PSL is outta season! 
So it's their fault I'm going to the CBTL side, right?
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Still cracking me up:
find it here
 The things I post on instagram - oy vey!
Made me chuckle, though:)

Giving me that lil push to do this post:
Loving Lately
New Friday Linky Party? Why sure!
Let's convo a bit today...what have you been up to lately?
feeling lately?
loving lately?

Happy Friday, Loveys :)


  1. I got a maxi skirt from Target that was on clearance and it's wonderful...course someone didn't notice, but I did. I drank my Starbucks and chatted it up with my Nay this morning and since then have been pretty unmotivated... but all in all hanging in there! Loves you!

  2. Cute shirt! And compliments from my husband always brighten my day too!!! Thanks for linking up with Loving Lately!

  3. I love your "earthy" top! Haha, oh Nay... You always crack me up! Love what you've been up to lately :)

  4. That Target top is way cute! And I've heard good things about Picoult's Storyteller.


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