I've been here before

Yesterday I was exploring options for how to give myself some love.
Which reminded me of when I used to do yoga.
Katy, my instructor, was a breathe of fresh air.  Her class left me dripping wet, sore, like I had done the hardest workout ever - but it also left me whole.
It was a way to practice some self-love...self-care.

I wanted to share this post I wrote a while back...almost a year ago.
It reminded me that I've been here before.
And I survived this melancholy and sadness before.
I just have to remember to love me.
Care for me...
maybe take yoga again?
: )

Hope you enjoy some of this "vintage nay":

{repost from 05/25/2012}
What if I just write?
How about if I write on this blank page and tell you what's been going on?
I'd like to tell you that this week has been eye-opening...
My insides have been so tightly wound up and I didn't even know it.
I've been putting myself down this week.
But something great happened last night.
I cried.
Yoga was finishing up. 
The instructor asked us to close our eyes and  to just breathe.
Touch our eyes,
touch our mouths,
touch our hearts,
and tell ourselves that we are beautiful just the way we are.
Tears started rolling down my cheeks.
I felt a rush of love come through me...an emotional release that I desperately needed.
It was good.
I felt like I was breathing...correctly.
Making sure every tear that ran down my cheek was worth something.

I feel good.
I have my coffee next to me...I'm writing on my blog...I feel beautiful today...My kids gave me extra hugs and kisses this morning...My husband looked at me and smiled, that loving smile, that smile that says, "she's mine."
All is good in my world.

How are you?
Sometimes you just need to ask yourself that.  You need to let yourself go to that place where you don't want to.  Sometimes you need a good cry.  And sometimes you are the only one who can say,
"You're beautiful."
"You're awesome."
"You can do this."
Because, ultimately, at the end of the day, we really only listen to that voice in our head.
How about making sure that voice is positive and loving?


  1. I remember this post. And those words still ring true to my heart today, just as they did the first time you posted it. Things will get better, you can get past this, and on the other side is joy! Love you

  2. I don't think I was a follower when you wrote this post originally, but I'm so glad you reposted it today! I certainly needed to hear it. =) Thank you for sharing.

  3. It's funny I didn't get to read this until tonight when all things "home" exploded... mainly children. That voice you're talking about started in on me and then slowly, surely I realized none of it was true. I am a good mom, I do set a good example (most of the time) I can't take responsibility for all decisions made by them. I am awesome.. I hope I can do this. :) Love you friend.


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