Oh, The Selfie...

Smiling A Little                                                      Try Full Smile?                              Trying to be Funny/Cute
Try Being Goofy                                              Look to the Side...                                               The Cute Thinker?
You know how it is, right?
You're finally having a good hair day...
You kinda like how your make-up turned out...
You really like the shirt you're wearing...
Whatever the excuse...
For some reason you feel the need to do "the selfie".

Before blogging, I would never in a million years have taken a photo of myself with my own camera or cell phone.  Before I started blogging, I didn't know it was a thing to do.  Why would I want to take a photo of myself, for goodness sake? 

I don't know why I never tried it before I started blogging!
It might be because I didn't have a cool phone with a camera.  It might've been because I never even had internet on my phone until maybe two years ago...?  I know!  How did I ever get by without being connected to EVERYTHING 24/7?!

But now, it is the most normal and usual occurrence for me to take "the selfie".  Then to take it numerous times until I get just the right one.  Yes, I'm one of those people. Good grief.

Why?  Why do I do "the selfie"?
Oh who knows?!
I like to, that's why.  I like to show all of you on here and on instagram what I look like.  I like to get the compliments, okay?  I like to start a conversation because of them.  I like the connection I feel when I do "the selfie" and when I see yours.
I don't get to see a lot of you on a daily basis, right? So when I open up a blog page or scroll through my instagram - it makes me happy to see your gorgeous faces.
I get to see my friends - you all, loveys! - on the daily.

And, well, you get to see me...
That's what makes this community awesome, really.  I get to see you, read your words, see your kids, see what you are eating or drinking. 
You might be on the other side of the world, state, on the other coast...or maybe just down the street.
But at that moment, you're right there in front of me.

The Selfie.
Who would've known, huh?



  1. I have never really been a selfie taker, but you may have just converted me. I like the idea of a better connection when you get to see me. We'll see how it goes. Thanks!

  2. I hate this...I just erased my comment... ughh okay...

    Anyway... I would be so lonely without your selfies! And just cuz I'm special I get "good morning Pidg" videos too! Loves you! cute thinker.... lol

  3. I love all of your selfies! And your expressions... they just kill me with happy. Keep those selfies coming!


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