Sometimes you gotta laugh...

Sometimes life can piss you off...
Sometimes it drives you up the wall...
Sometimes you want to just tell the world to...well, you know.

And in those times
Sometimes it helps to

These had me giggle
Or say "Yup, that's about right"...

Enjoy, Loveys: )

All. The. Time.

Eat Them Too!

Yup Yup

Oh Hubby!?!

True that, yo!

Oh, how painful it can be to hold it in, though!

As soon as the head hits the pillow, my thoughts overtake me.
The Hubs? Hits pillow...zzzzzzzzzzzzz
What the...?!

So when you want to punch someone...
Kick it to the curb...
And Laugh It Off.

And if all else fails?
: )

{all pics found on my funny ha ha pinterest board} 


  1. bahahahah - eat them too! =) Nice. Also, my husband call fall aslepp anytime, any place. It drives me crazy. But I would miss him.... =)

  2. OH, my goodness. So funny. I love the "Not to brag, but..."
    Especially since I just had a rice crispies treat for breakfast. Ehem.
    Thanks for the laughs :)

  3. Oh you hit the spot as usual my Nay! Dang did I need this! I think I'm gonna eat some people just for fun!

  4. Twirl! One of your best happy posts to date =). And listen -- it's a skill to eat whatever you want and gain weight. A skill.


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