Taking the Leap {Baby Steps have begun}

Hey there.
I wanted to say hello and give you a little update on stuff...

I recently took the leap to ask for help.
 I've gone to see someone for the last two weeks and although it opens up a lot in me that can be difficult, it is helping.  I've come to realize that although life has given me lots of lemons, I am the most amazing lemonade-maker.  I was dealt cards in my life that not many would have been able to overcome, but I did....and continually do.  There are just times where it gets a bit overwhelming.  I have to learn how to take care of me...again.

I not only made a call for therapy, but I picked up my cell and texted a few friends I've met through blogging to see if we can get together.  I don't get together with people often enough.  I look forward to sitting with some girls and just chatting about anything and everything.  I don't know why, but I didn't think they would say "yes" when I asked if we could get together.  But they both did...and happily.

I also said "yes" to someone who has asked me to have coffee before.  She is someone I kept saying "no" to because I felt like I was bothering her...but decided last night, when she texted me, that I was being dumb.  She genuinely wants to have coffee and spend time with me.  That is what makes life sweet. Friends who never give up.

This blogging world is so much more than a blog...it is the community of friends I need.

I had the afternoon off from work yesterday and instead of picking up the kids early from summer day camp, my hubby and I went out for a date.
A real date.
Just the two of us.
It felt like a first date...and it was what I desperately needed.  I needed to just be with him to talk and laugh...to hold hands and sneak kisses...to just be.

I took the leap...I am taking the much-needed baby steps to get better.

Thank you for last week.
Thank you for reading my post last week and not judging me.
Thank you for just being there for me.
Thank you.
After seeing that pin yesterday, I know that it was God's way of giving me that push to write again.
I hope to be on here more frequently...I've missed this.

I want to inspire...encourage...give love through my writing.



  1. I just pinned that yesterday! :) I admire your openness so much my sweet. I absolutely agree that this community brings so much support from the most unlikely of sources and makes us loved beyond the stars by people we hardly or dont know at all. love and prayers for you always :)

  2. Nay this post makes me SOOOO happy! I can see already the good that's happening for you after just two conversations :) And p.s. OF COURSE THEY SAID YES! Who wouldn't want to have coffee with you! I'm just anxiously awaiting the time that we get to meet for reals and until then I'm holding out for a skype date :)

    There's a book you should read. I know that you want to be a writer one day (and you will be) I've started working my way through a book called "the artist's way". You'd LOVE it! and I suspect it would be a great addition to those conversations you have started.

    SO proud of YOU!

  3. I am proud of you, I love you, and I'm sticking with you always.

  4. Good for you Nay! I'm so happy and proud of you. Fear can lock you down. Don't let it. And you are an awesome lemonade maker! I love that!


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