To the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,

 wives, husbands, daughters, sons,

 girlfriends, boyfriends, co-workers, and best friends of the

 people who died that day -

Our prayers are with you.

We. Will. Never. Forget.



  1. No we won't forget. I am remember exactly where and what I,a Canadian, was doing that day. I actually even wrote a letter to myself that day to try deal with something so tragic I still don't understand. I like to read it again every year as a reminder.

  2. Hi Nay! So nice to be here today! I am coming over from Jen's blog.

    I will never forget that day. I missed the first impact, but had the TV on for the second plane. Horror after horror. I know that I will never forget, but we have to teach our children to never forget that either.
    My prayers go out to all affected, along with yours. Beautiful.

    Glad to meet you :)


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