I have this pig...

A few years ago, a co-worker of mine gave me a ceramic pig.  
She sits on top of my bookshelf at work in all her glory.  
She's been sitting there for five years or so.  
I don't really pay attention to her and go on with my days as if she wasn't there.
But today, as I sat down at my desk to start the work day, I looked up and saw her.
Really saw her.
She wears a pink feather on her head and looks up at the ceiling with a 
"I don't have a care in the world" look on her face.
She's freaking awesome
That's what I realized this morning when I looked at her.
She rocks it.
All her fabulous-ness is just out there for the world to see instead of hidden away.
This pig is a diva in all the great sense of that word.
She is my new little reminder.
She throws a sweet little *duck face*, struts what her momma gave her, and is out and about.
Out to show the world what she is made of.
No shame in her game.
Yes, I know she's not real.
But what a great pig, huh?
This pig...
She looks like a million bucks and not a problem to think about.
She's looking up...because she knows that there's Someone up there who's got her back.
So what's there to worry about, right?
I have this pig...
and I want to be just like her!



  1. She is totally cool! I love her red pouty lips... Such a diva!

  2. I want to be that pig... unfortunately I'm just a human in pig's clothing... wait what? I need a boa. Yes, I'm shattered, today went awful. I think I'll go and stare at my owls :)

  3. Bytheway... what's her name? You know everything has to be named

  4. Love it and you girly! I agree with Pidg -- what's your pigs name? :D Have a blessed weekend! :)


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