When I'm not here, I'm on Instagram.  It's where I feel like the other part of this blog lives. 
You will see my daily stuff there - especially pics of the kids:

 or what the coffee-n-ink family is doing on a weekend:

 or how I try to either inspire you or pump myself into being positive:

Instagram is my little addiction.  I like to post a bunch a photos and then see what you all are up to.  It makes me feel connected to you.

See, I don't get out a lot or have a lot of "outside in the world" friends.  Instagram, texting,'s how I stay in touch with my "in my own world" friends.  Friends that live in other states which translates into friends with blogs - with Instagram...

In this world I live in, it's my way to not feel alone.
I like it.  It completes me.  It makes life a bit easier - not so lonely, you know?

So, hey there, lovey!
Hey there, insta-friend!


  1. Instagram is my jam. It's my therapy. It's my life. No joke. I'm naked without my IG feed. Love you and love following your very positive and uplifting posts on IG. Thanks friend!


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