Back-up...of course.

I think I would have been a great back-up singer.

I always wanted to be one...getting the rush of being on stage without the pressure of being the star.  I would have loved to wear the costumes and do all the dance moves.  I can sing, so this is not far-fetched.  I'm just not a lead vocalist-type.  But I'm really good at the "ooh-aahs" and harmonizing the chorus along with the radio :)

I'm even good with the dance moves - just ask my husband - ha!  He laughs and shakes his head at me whenever we are in the car and I start my "back up singer" repertoire.  The only thing is I always use the same moves - fanning my arms over my head, snapping my fingers to the beat a lá Supremes...

I think I got this from my mom.  We would be "cooking" in the kitchen and she'd be Diana Ross and I was always one of the Supremes.  Cooking never really happened in our kitchen much - Mom wasn't the best cook, although she made a *mean* Kraft macaroni and cheese :)  But singing and dancing was the *best* in our kitchen!  Especially with my mom...

My mom knew how to lift someone's mood just by singing and the car (Janet Jackson is the best there), the grocery store aisles (singing along to the overhead music), the dressing room in a department store (helps ease the times you have to try one bathing suits, believe me).  She is a woman who has a whole-hearted laugh that makes everyone else start you can't help but go along with her "let it all hang out" antics.

So, yes, I was born to be a back up singer...and my lead?

My mom, of course!

So, sing it out and have a wonderful Monday!



  1. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday too, Nay! And even though I don't know you IRL, I totally bet you get your moms talents of lifting anyone's spirits by just being you!

  2. I want to be your roadie... I'm good at heavy lifting!

  3. I really admired Mariah Carey's back-up singers... and the fact that they didn't have to live up to some physical ideal that lead singers must live up to.


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