Calm Replacing the Storm

Quiet Before the Storm by Niki Aguirre
I wake in the dark this morning
The alarm went off and I just lay there
Not ready to face the day yet
Just wanting to stay under the covers and keep my eyes closed

Reminds me of moments when I was much younger
Laying at night after a day of living where my father sent me
Putting my headphones on
Pressing play and letting her music fill my ears
Closing my eyes to the day
Wishing for dreams of bliss
Hoping that months would go by fast so that I could be home
Wishing I were back
Not in Lima anymore
Noting that there was more storm than calm
Needing to replace that storm with some type of sunshine
Knowing that this was not what my life was going to be like
That I had a future
I was craving it
Having a thirst to return home
Becoming who I wanted to be not who I was supposed to be
Laying in the dark
Filling music into the spaces between my brain
I was ready

This morning was much different
Not dreading having to wake up
I was wishing
Wishing I could just stay in bed and lay next to them all morning
Feeling my littles' feet on my back
Looking over at the people I was meant to love since the beginning
My thirst has been quenched
My family's sounds next to me as
I lay there
Feeling their love and their sleeping sounds
Fill the space in my brain
The storm gone
My personal sunshine waking next to me
My calm smiling up at me
"Hi Mommy."


  1. Love this!! When my baby smiles, all is right in the world! Thanks for sharing your words today!

  2. This is beautiful. Love it so much. Always inspiring. :)


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