Checking in with ya!

With that being said...
 I'm really liking this song lately.
Have you heard it?

Not much going on in my neck of the woods.
 I had a headache since Friday and it's finally (!) pretty much gone.  

 I started juicing on Sunday.
 It's a mean green drink that we drink for breakfast and dinner.  We, as in the hubby and happy he's doing it with me.  It's so much easier to be healthy when you have someone doing it with you.

I'm looking for some new books to bury myself in - you know, the kind that I wouldn't want to stop reading.
Any suggestions?

I'm also cutting down on my coffee intake...What?!  Nay without coffee? Um...I know, it does feel weird.

 I  love that t-shirt...but, I think I want to make it a printable-ish thing to put in my work cubicle.  There are others I've pinned that make me smile and laugh. I think I see a DIY project in my near future:)

What are you up to?
Not much like me?
Or lots and lots?



  1. Sho proud of you for taking charge of your health and making big changes! You totally rock :-)


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