Falling in love...w/ "myself"

I had a sweet coffee date with an old high school friend a week or two ago.
It had been almost 20 years that I hadn't seen her.
But we gave each other a hug and started our conversation as if it had never ended.
It was good.
We laughed, ate, sipped on coffee, talked about a lot of things and then she said something to me:

You have to learn to see yourself the way others see you...that you are a beautiful person.

I smiled and shrugged it off, of course. It was very sweet of her to say, but did I believe what she was saying?
No, not really.
See, I don't take compliments well.
I'm the type that says, "thank you," and follows it up with an excuse about how they are wrong because {insert excuse here}.

I know, it's not healthy.
I know.
But this is almost 40 years in the making of thinking this way.
It took that long to ingrain the "you're not that great" and the "you're not enough" notions in my head.
But you know what my friend said?  
It is possible.
She lived the same way for a long time and then one day, she stopped.
And I know I need to do the same, too.
And I also know I've said that before, too.
But, dang it, it's not the easiest thing to do....
to fall in love with yourself.

But last night, I was taking a bath and reading a magazine.
There was an article in it that said about how to seek pleasure in every aspect of your life (something about how it helps you lose weight...), but then the author sited a psychologist that said,

You need to take care of your body as if it were detached from you...as if it were your child or friend.  Women take care of others first, so if you pretend that your body is someone else that you care about, you will treat it right.

That psychologist may have a point there, huh?

So I woke up this morning and I'm going to try all day to do this.
Love "myself".
Take care of "myself".
Ask "myself" how I can make her feel better.
Listen to "myself".

It may work.
Maybe you can do it, too?

That way I don't feel like I'm the only weirdo talking to "myself".



  1. That is such a great way of looking at yourself. Love this, it is powerful.

  2. I know that you can do this, and that you deserve this! I believe in you!


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