my thoughts exactly

I really loved that.
Makes you believe that all things are possible.
We go through things because we are the heroines of our own life.
We survive.
We survive everyday.
It's remarkable, really, how resilient we are.

Our hearts get broken.
We hear words of hate.
Things don't work out the first time.

But what is so darn awesome is that it's never over.

Everyday we fall in love again.
It may not be with that someone special.
It might be words you hear.
Songs you listen to that make you smile or shake your groove thing.
A smile from a friend just when you needed it.

Those words of hate you may have heard before?
They don't matter.
Hate is mean, but you are better.
And karma?
It's a bitch.
Trust me.

That first time you tried? worked the second or third time.
And if it didn't - then maybe it just wasn't in the plan.

And that's why we are heroines.
We defeat.
We protect.
We are the best superheroes ever.

So those things that happened...or are happening.
They will pass.
I know they will.
I can promise that.

Oh, I've been I know deep down in my gut.
That not only will you survive today...

But one day, you will give these kind of words to someone...

....because you survived.


  1. You're my neighbor at the Desire to Inspire hop. :) Yes, this too shall pass! It's so important to remember because often we feel we'll be stuck forever - at least I do sometimes. What you said at the end about offering such words to another reminds me of 2 Cor. 1:3-4 - it's my go-to verse in tough times, along with a few others. Thanks for sharing with us!


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