♪♫Now You Know My ABC's♪♫

Hi loveys,
I thought I'd do a little "get to know me more" post.  I'd done it in the past on my old blog, so I thought I'd share it with you here today!


A. Age:
 B. Bed Size:
California King
My hubby says it's too big and that I'm too far away when we sleep...awww.
C.  Chore That you Hate:
I guess, ironing.  But I'm a tad bit pretty OCD, remember? 
So I don't mind the chores, I'm just not that into doing them. : )
D.  Dogs:
Nope, None...
Not allowed in our place.
E.  Essential Part to your Day:
My phone's alarm...because there wouldn't be a start without it.
F.  Favorite Color:
It's always been blue...any shade is good with me.
G.  Gold or Silver:
Silver all the way.
H.  Height:
Not too short, not too tall.
I.  Instruments:
My voice (I like it, anyway.)
J.  Job Title:
Wifey, Mommy, Employee, and Student
K.  Kids:
2 - Daughter, "Lovebug" (9) & Son, "Little Love" (7)
L.  Live:
♪♫It Never Rains in Southern California♪♫
M.  Mother's Name:
N.  Nicknames:
Here goes:  Nay, Nayz, Shmoopie, Pebbles, Chanklis, Tati, Nay-Nay, Babe, Mama, Mommy...
: )
O.  Overnight Hospital Stays:
Lots!  There was a running joke between the hubby and I that they knew me by name at the emergency room.  Jeesh!
P.  Pet Peeves:
Toilet Paper facing the wrong way.
Q.  Quote from a Movie:
"Stop it.  Just stop it!"
(The Women)
R.  Right or Left handed:
Righty Tighty
S.  Siblings:
One younger brother.
T.  Time You Wake Up:
5:15am on weekdays
As late as I can on weekends...
U.  Underwear:
Right now?!  Um, isn't that kinda personal?
V.  Vegetable You Hate:
None...but for fruits, I've got TONS!
Oh wait, is olive a veggie?
W.  What makes you run late:
Sh...don't tell anyone...but it's usually me...but I always blame my hubby or traffic (wink).
X.  X-Rays you've had:
Teeth, head, lungs, back, throat, feet...I told you I was a mess at one point.
Y.  Yummy food that you make:
Breakfast isn't bad and Italian anything isn't too shabby either...when I cook.
My lasagna and stuffed mannicotti is yummers.
Z.  Zoo animal:
I kinda like the orangutans!
Have you done an ABC's of you before? Or if you do, share!
I'd love to learn more about you!

♥ Happy "It's Almost Friday!" Day ♥



  1. I thought about doing my ABC's again.. but you see how far that idea went. lol I think I already knew them all except the orangutans... which I had to scroll back up to spell right ;)


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