Post Number 143

No, it's not our anniversary.
No, it's not any special date.
I just want to tell you how much I love you.
I want to tell you how much I love how you love me.
There is no one who could love me the way you do.
You love me when I'm sad.
You love me when I'm being a dork.
I think you love me most when I'm just being me.
I can only be me when I'm with you.
It's always been that way.
Since we were fourteen and just friends.
When you would walk me to school.
When you would write on the chalkboard, "Happy Birthday"
When you would buy me carnations and ask me what my biggest wish would be.
When I would tell you and you'd say, "oh no, don't ask for that! now it's going to come true" (I always asked for rain...)
I didn't fall in love with you the first time we kissed.
I didn't fall in love with you when you would stop at my job with those McDonald's kids meal toys.
I didn't fall in love with you when you told me you loved me the first time.
I've always been in love with you.
Even before we met...
I knew you were always there.
I'm never afraid when I'm with you.
I am protected.
I am valued.
I can be crazy, serious, funny, sad...or all of those at the same time.
I don't faze you.
You're good with me.
You get me.
And I get you.

Why all of a sudden this big declaration of my love?
You know me so well...
I heard a song.

I heard this song on the way into work today...
It's going to be our new song.
We have so many...but this one.
Oh, babe, he wrote this one for us.

Thank you for loving me - every single crazy and sane part of me.
thank you for letting me love you.
Sharing this life that I could never imagine I could share with anyone else.
I love you...really.



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