The Photo That Changed It All (!)

I don't know how it happened, but it did.
For weeks, wait who am I kidding, months I've had a picture of someone in my mind.
See every morning after I get dressed and go down to the kitchen to start all the prep for the morning, I put on an apron.  You know, so I don't splatter something on myself.  It happens more often than you'd think.  So I learned my lesson and wear an apron.
It's a medium-length black apron and every time I put my head through it, this sense of wholeness comes over me.  Not because I secretly want to be Suzy-Homemaker - oh no.  The wholeness comes from feeling like I belong in that apron.  Wearing that apron and being behind a counter in a small town bakery or coffee shop.  Preparing coffee and serving warm muffins from the oven.  It just feels right to me.
The last couple of months this apron gives me a vision as well.
Not those kind of visions.
Oh, it's hard to explain.
But that woman I envision wearing that apron could be me, but actually is someone else.
Someone so much more special.
Someone who needed a voice.
Someone I didn't know existed...
...until I saw this picture on pinterest.

I gasped when I saw it.
I pinned it when I saw it.
This morning, I found her.  The main character...
. THE story.
A story that I've filled five pages about since I found her.
She is the someone with a huge voice.
And I'm writing out that voice.

It's happening.




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