those little big things

A phone call from an old friend
Meeting up for dinner after watching a great talk
A glass of wine when I get home
Alone time that turned out to be just what I needed
Going to a new used bookstore
Getting lost in the smells of the books
The glorious finds and wanting to go back as soon as I can
Picking up Little Women because I've never read it
Planning to read it with my daughter
But then all four of us read it together
Looking over at my husband as he reads to us
Thinking this is exactly what happiness is
Hearing my friend's voice on the other line from miles away
Listening to my hubby give her a recipe and having him laugh at whatever she is saying
Knowing that although she lives miles away and I've never met her 
that she still gets me every time
My hubby buying me a mini-bundt cake pan because he knows I love that kind of stuff
Being like a little kid and having to buy cake mix just so I could use it that night
Singing to my Lovebug every night for sweet dreams to be 
while my hubby does the same in the other room with Little Love
Laying down in bed and reading while myhubby is playing Candy Crush
Just feeling content doing so
Waking up this morning and have some wholesome juice
Making breakfast for the kids and some coffee for myself
My morning text ritual with Pidg
Driving in with the hubby to work
Starting the work week out just right
With a smile
A good attitude

It's the little things
Those little things that one day
I'll realize were really the big things

Enjoy your moments
Big or small
They matter
You matter

Happy Monday, sweet lovey.


  1. What wonderful little big things! Wishing you a week filled with more and more!

  2. How is it possible that you've never read Little Women? My favorite book growing up.

    Also, I saw you're giving away free hotel stays in Vegas. Next time you get one we should just plan a Vegas getaway with our inner (blogger) circle.


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