An Imaginary Morning - just the two of us.

Welcome to November.
Grab a cup with me and let's pretend.
Let's pretend it's pouring outside and you've come over to just spend the day at my place.
We both have the day off from our daily responsibilities and we can do nothing.
Maybe just grab some blankets, sit on the couch, and talk.
Talk about anything you want and probably a lot of what I want.
I should warn you that I interrupt.  Not to be rude, I promise, but because I don't want to forget to tell you anything.
I would tell you how happy I am that we can spend some quiet time together.
In our imaginary day, we would hear the rain trickle outside the window and smell the freshly brewed coffee and the warmth of the cup in our hands.
After talking a bit...
We could sit and pick a movie to watch.  
I picture us watching something that we could laugh and cry with.  A movie that feels right.
As the movie finishes, we'd hear the ding of the timer telling us that the muffins I made halfway through the movie were done.
I'd open the window so we could enjoy the breeze and smells from outside as the rain has stopped for a moment.
I'd warm your cup of coffee and bring you one of the muffins fresh and steaming from the oven.

Then I'd just smile.
I'd smile because this rainy morning has made you happy and blissful.
This start of the first day of November is your indication that the rest of the month will be just what you need.
This November you will stop to remember that morning we pretended to spend together
and smile as well.
You'll be thankful.
You'll be happy.

Although I know our time spent was from my imagination.  I sometimes picture this time and hope that when you come by my space... leave with a sense of happiness and blissfulness that fuels the start of your everyday.

Happy November, Lovey.
Thanks for being here.



  1. Your words just melt me, Nay Nay! :)
    I wish we lived closer so I can have coffee with you!
    Is your voice just as soothing as your words? HAHA OMG Did I just sound so creepy there or what? :)
    Also, I want to do something for you!! Let me email you!

  2. Yes, she sounds just like she talks ;) her sis-in-law here can vouch!

  3. Oh man! Id love that! Cheers to a great month!

  4. This sounds awesome! Happy November! :)


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