...and it feels good.

Hi Sweet Loveys,

How was your weekend?  Was it as nice and relaxing as mine?

Short recap:  Woke up to the smell of breakfast being made on Saturday morning and then snuggling on the couch with my three favorite people.  Afterward, my hubby said out of the blue, "We're going to Lake Arrowhead."  We got to Lake Arrowhead Village with enough time for the kids to play in some bouncers and for me to get a warm soft grey scarf (!) and then went to have pizza.
Woke up the next morning and had our juice and then off to China Town for some dim-sum.  Stayed the rest of the day at home having a Nicholas Sparks marathon.  It was a great weekend from beginning to end.

And now it's Monday...
I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
That extra hour we gained this weekend has been pretty awesome so far.
It rained overnight and it just smells good outside.
It's cold and gloomy out, but the temperatures are supposed to go up to the 80s again by Wednesday.
Gotta love California - she's a moody girl, she is.

Oh, and this weekend I was texting with Pidg and asking her if she'd had a Red Cup yet.  We both hadn't and wished we could have it together...in person.
Well, it won't be happening anytime soon.
But one day.
She would be the person I would want my first red cup of the season with.  We'd get our Starbucks drink and walk around a quaint little town with our arms locked together.
That would be bliss.
But that can only happen in our imaginations for now.
So this morning, before going into work, I picked up my first red cup and had it with my favorite person.
Why not, right?
Why wait to do something I really want and just do it?
So I did.
And I'm enjoying it immensely right now.
(patting myself on the back)
I need to start having a relationship with myself, remember?
So I treated my gorgeous sweet self to a red cup...

Do something wonderful today for your sweet self, lovey.
 Make one of those possibilities getting to know yourself better.
Fall in love with yourself.
Treat yourself.
Be good.
Be happy.

It feels great.
 Yay You!


  1. Oh how I wish I could have been there... But then again I always am with you and you know that! I love you my Nay I'm proud of you for treating yourself.. You deserve it!!


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