blog blahs

I'm in a place called "blog blah" today...
I don't like the "blog blahs".
It's not fun there.
It's a place where there is no inspiration.
A place where you have nothing good to say, so you say nothing it all.
It's blah blah blah.
It's boring.
It's the place that no reader or writer wants to go to.
And it sucks.
What's good though is that it doesn't last.
 It happens often enough that it's just bothersome.
But then you see something as you're walking to your car.
You smell something when you walk on the street.
It inspires you.
You hear your friend's voice.
You get a text message from someone unexpected.
You are inspired again.
And that "blog blah" disappears, poof! just like that.
So today is "blog blah", but tomorrow?
Oh the "blog booms" that could happen!
What's my favorite thing I've done on this blog?
Oh...well, let's see.
Yes. I know.
What I'll write tomorrow.
What it will look like when I leave "blog blah" time.
That's my favorite thing about this place.

So here's to "blog blahs" since they don't last forever.


  1. Love this! I have been having some blog blahs lately too. :)


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