Break Bread

I crave a feeling of accomplishment
Of starting something and finishing it
The making of something that will fulfill me
All of me
My inner child
My current self
The old lady I will become

I want all three of those selves to be satisfied with the life I made
With the choices
Right ones
Difficult ones
With the experiences
Fearful times
Joyous times

So at the end
At the end I can say
I used everything I was given
 I started something
Finished it
Was fulfilled

One day I want to break bread with myself
Be happy to have time to look back on my life
Feel that I did something worthy
Feel complete within myself

I want to be enveloped in the memories of the fruits of my labor
and say
Yes, you did what you were put here to do
You are enough
You were always enough
You were a good wife
A loving mother
A supportive friend
A hard worker
A person to be counted on

And with every bite of that bread
I will smile
With each buttered perfection I will breath in
My accomplishment
A life well-lived

and in the end
I will let out that breath and feel whole


  1. Beautiful words here...."You were always enough"

  2. Just found your blog through Blogging Besties ~ I love it! I've followed you here and on social media and I'm looking forward to coming back often :)

  3. Freakin' comment disappeared.... Okay, eh hem... You always impress me, amaze me, and inspire me. However as your best friend (aka the vise of your versa) while you're over there breaking bread, I'll be breaking wind. Okay, my side hurts from laughing. That's why you're the inspirational one and I'm just the entertainment. Oh, how I love you for putting up with me!


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