Here comes Marvelous

This morning...
I woke up and breathed a sigh of relief.
It's Friday.
I put on one of my hubby's sweater/sweatshirt things.
Threw on a fluffy scarf.
Jeans and tennis shoes, finally.
Sent a pic of myself to Pidg to get her to tell me if I looked alright.
Poured some coffee and exhaled.
It's going to be a good day.
Sometimes, well most days, I have to convince myself of that fact.

"Nay," I say, "today is going to be marvelous."
And somedays it is...others are not. Other days are a little in-between.
But today, loveys, oh today when we were driving into work...
oh my goodness
the sky!
It was painted just the way I like it.
The beautiful blues in my favorite hues
the clouds wiped across the sky
the way the sun rose against the sweet backdrop
His little way of showing me love

It's days like this that I say,
"See, Nay, it is going to be marvelous."

I wish you a Friday full of all the things that make you feel marvelous.
A day where you tell yourself that you don't have to convince yourself that you can make it through the day.
A day full of nothings and everythings
A day that will turn into a weekend of ease and joy.

I wish that for you, my sweet loveys.
And for me, too.



  1. Hope today continues to be marvellous for you! You deserve it. Love the scarf, by the way. :)

  2. Thank you. Hope you had a great Friday. I went Christmas shopping all day and am almost done! Whooo Hoo! Love you and have a fabulous weekend.


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