Read This.

I've been wanting to write a letter to you for a long time now.
Wanting to tell you that you are doing such a great job with your life.
You have succeeded at a lot and everything you may have thought you failed at..
Well, let me tell you something
You tried and that 
That has made all the difference
You've started things you never thought you could accomplish
You've made things happen with your life 
You have shown the world that you are enough just by being you.

Waking up each morning
Breathing, inhaling, exhaling
Making those breaths worth each one
Continuing your day with a smile
Making each moment worthy of that moment
That, sweet lovey, has made all the difference

Without you the world would be an empty place to live in
Your smile
That look of wonder in your eyes
The way your mind makes up a thought
When you put your best foot forward
Those moments of brilliance have made you who you were made to be

When you have had your heart broken
Broken up with a friend
Lost someone you held dear to your heart
The times you thought you wouldn't be able to make it one more day
Look at you
You did

You have made each day of your life worth it
You have proved people wrong
And to the people who were there for you and supported you
Oh, sweet lovey, don't you see?
You have made this life so much better because you are in it

Remember who you are
Remember what you are made of
Remember that there is only one you
One beautiful, courageous, intelligent, loving, caring, more-than-words-can-describe YOU

I am proud to know you
I am proud to call you an important person in my life
You know that day when you waited for that acknowledgment
That something, that whisper in your ear, that said what you needed to hear?

That's now
This is to you
Wonderfully made you

You are awesome
You are worth every single moment of this life
You did it!
You are alive

Now go out there
Show the world what makes you...

Because there's no one quite like you
Oh, there's close imitations, believe me
But you...
You are unique
Made to live this life like no one else

I'm proud of you
I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve
Don't forget to share it
Share it with us

But most importantly
Believe that you can do anything
And if you fail or it doesn't turn out the way you thought it would
It did
Because you tried
And, lovey, remember...

That's all that matters.
You tried.
You did.
You conquered.


  1. So beautifully written. Love it. You are right there is so much success in trying whether you get the results you wanted or not. I am re-learning this lesson lately.

  2. Love you Nay! You are such a beautiful person!

  3. I love when you write your letters. I hope you tell yourself all of these things every day, because it is all true!

  4. For the LOVE Nay! You rock my face off friend! XOXOX


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