Thursday Confessional - Your Bra

Okay... Remember this post? That post where I proclaimed the wonderfulness that is the #selfie?
Yeah, that one.
Good Grief.
I think I have a problem.
I have become a tad bit, just a little, obsessed with taking selfies!
I think it's time for an intervention...
It's kinda sorta really becoming something that I must confess to you all.
{Deep Breath}
My Name is Nay and I am a #Selfie Addict.

You know...I've told you this before...that it all started with getting my mojo and self-esteem back on track.
The You-Need-To-Love-Yourself and the Be-You-Tiful self campaign I did for myself on January 1st.
Then it turned into a Let's-Take-Silly-Photos thing.  I'd send them to Pidg for her daily laugh and now it's going on Instagram.

Yes. Those photos. The ones I *just* posted on this blog today.  They are going viral on the instagram scene.
Okay, they're viral in my imaginary world that I share with #MeMyselfandI
But hey...I think you kinda like my Being Real antics, right?
Sure you do!

And what's the job that I've assigned myself lately?
I am now your "Lifter-Upper"...your "Bra" so to speak.
Yeah, you know how guys call each other "Bros"?
Well, now and forever, I shall be your Bra.

I will keep providing some uplifting stuff your way and keep you "up"
and you just come over here and put me on once in a while.

Does that sound weird to you?
It sounded good in my head.

So about those selfies...
I got a problem, right?


  1. Love the selfies, they are always uplifting me. You can be my "bra" anytime! ;)

  2. i love the selfies!! You do not have a problem... :D Be You!

  3. You can be my bra anytime. And I too am addicted to selfies! LMAO.

  4. I've read so many articles lately about how people are over doing the selfies. But I feel that if you're proud of yourself, then you should share it! I love your selfies, they show just how beautiful your are inside & out!

  5. It isn't a problem if awful of them are flipping fantastic! You just keep being you, I love it!


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