Christmas is Really Here!

Happy Friday, Loveys!
{Grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you about my morning!}
I just got back from the kids' Christmas program.
Oh my goodness, it was so sweet! 
*Little Love* was so excited to get all fancy shmancy in a tie. And not only a tie! Oh no, why stop there?  He remembered he had this Christmas sweatshirt (the one he keeps asking to wear all year long, lol) and was thrilled to wear to put it on
That smile.  It gets me every. single. time.
"I look good, huh, Mommy?"
Oh yes, baby, you do!
I have a feeling I have a heart-breaker on my hands! Ha!

And, of course, *Lovebug* tried to get in on the cuteness action, as well.  Oh sweets, you are already adorable - no need to try.
See the phone?
Yeah, that's my old one that they both use to play games on.
Oh, it's so nice that it more, "can I use your phone, Mommy? After you blog maybe?"
{She was trying to take a pic of me while I took a photo of them...a little higher, Lovebug, just a little bit higher. -wink-}

Lovebug told me this morning that this will be her last year performing.  It turns out that 5th and 6th grade don't perform anymore.  What!?!
Oh this momma's heart almost broke!
So, of course, as I'm watching the Christmas program, I was pretty much bawling.
Yeah, I'm a sap.
Oh, I haven't mentioned that before?
Yeah, well now you know.
I snapped this pic of the lil teeny tree they had on stage. 
Isn't it precious?
Today is a good day.
Yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks after I opened up about stuff on here.
But your sweet comments and all-around support has given this blogger a big smile.
Thank you.
From the bottom of this healing heart.
Have a fabulous weekend.
{I still need to go Christmas shopping.  Yeah, I know right?!}

Well, sweet loveys, see you on Monday.
Treat yourself right.
You know you deserve it!
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  1. So precious! Those kiddos are adorable! ;)

  2. So sweet! Sorry that she's not going to be performing anymore, but you still have one more!! And if I were him, I'd want to wear that sweater all the time too!

  3. Your kids are precious and you definitely have a heart breaker on your hands!! Lol girl you better get on that Christmas shopping! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your kiddos are precious :) ps. You're my new favorite person for making me feel popular on instagram ;)


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