Gone Too Long, Loveys!

Drove into San Francisco
Impromptu Family Pics
Selfies with family
Black Friday
New boots, big fluffy scarves, and lots of striped clothing
Ramen Craving
Sitting on the outside porch snuggled up
Getting my fill of Star Box macaroons and goodies
Catching up
Drive back home
I'm Back!  
I'm back to my little life with big possibilities.
Did you miss me?  I sure did!
Missed writing you and giving you a little bit of me and my everyday
 I was off the blog for so long, I was starting to have withdrawals!
Thank goodness for coming back to work but not feeling overwhelmed
Thankful for hot coffee this morning as I drove into work
 Thankful for everything in my life, really

Being away gives you perspective
Being away from your regular everyday life makes you so thankful 
So very grateful for what you take for granted everyday
My little family
My little blog
My big experiences
The inspiration I put down in words to you (and for me)
I'm going to get back into this place slow and steady
I could write and write and write
But I need to put all these thoughts together and give it to you slowly
Wouldn't want to overwhelm you, right?
It is just Monday.
We have so much more time together.
Now go back to enjoying your day.
Make it count and show the world how wonderful you really are.


  1. Welcome back! :) Oh, and I am LOVING that scarf.


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