My Kitchen Floor {Weekly Brew 3}

This morning as I was thinking of what to write today, there were a lot of words.
There were thoughts of my weekend.
The weekend that started with flooding in my kitchen because of a busted supply line in the wall that connects the downstairs bathroom to the kitchen.
I could tell you that when I first saw it, there was a bit of rage.

This was how I was going to start my Saturday?!?!
 The Saturday that we had planned on staying in our pajamas and doing absolutely nothing.

But as my Hubby and I were getting all the water out of the kitchen, setting up the wet vac to absorb all the water that was seeping into our living room, clearing out the furniture from the kitchen so that nothing would get damaged...
it hit me.
Look how clean my kitchen floor was getting!!

My kitchen floor was sparkling from all that water that I sweeping out to the back patio.

The kitchen got cleaned up and I was into the whole cleaning of the kitchen now.
All the counters got scrubbed up and the stove wiped clean.
It was beautifully clean, loveys.
And with all the cleaning and wiping down, so went my negativity about the whole situation.

I could have ruined my whole day because of what happened first thing that morning.
But I didn't.
I just made the most of it.

And now, on this new Monday, I could be sad that I had to wake up early.
I could be grumpy because I had to get up from my warm bed to get ready for a day of work
But I wasn't.

I figured that, just like my words, my actions speak loud.
If my words touch you as write to you each day, my actions should do the same.
Chin Up, Buttercup.

Be thankful for what you are given each day.
A new day with so many wonderful opportunities to shine.

Like my kitchen floor.

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  1. Been awhile but from time to time your posts still make me smile Nay!

    Boy can we relate at least a little as our hot water heater devoloped a leak somewhere yesterday. Luckily it is outside in the garage so the water was contained to an area that did not damage anything and the leak is slow so a bucket under drip pipe catches it. So this last weekend before Christmas my sweetie will be installing
    the newly purchases replacement which we were lucky Home Depot had in stock because it is a Propane Gas Water Heater which very rarely are available without ordering and waiting a week.

    I say he will install on weekend, it depends if bottom of water heater tank gives out and dumps 40 gallons before then.

    Winter and not taking cold showers thank you very much!

    Merry Christmas to you abd yours and may your New Year be safe and healthy.


  2. I'm glad you were able to stay calm! Your amazing, lady!! Such a positive thinker! :) Love you much!

  3. Amen to all the above. Sorry about the water. We dealt w a leak last week.


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