~A little Somethings~
1.  Something I need to get off my chest…I get completely overwhelmed with myself…I mean it!  All the time…I feel like time just runs away with me and then I get flustered.  I keep forgetting to just take one step at a time.

2.  Something I’m a little ashamed of…I’m addicted to instagram.  And a close second, Facebook.  Oh, and constantly checking my email. And...checking my phone to see if I missed a text...Period.

3.  Something that snaps me out of a funky bad mood…A hot bath and book…the perfect combination to get me out of a funk…I get lost in the book and the water washes away all the negative energy I may be putting myself through.

4.  Something I’ll always pick up…The Notebook…Nicholas Sparks.  Yes, it’s a sappy love story, but this book got me to start reading again.  I had let go of reading and happened to pick this up on a coffee run at Barnes & Noble.  I am so happy I did.  I laughed and cried with this book and let everyone I knew borrow it.  It brought me back to the literary love in my life – something I didn’t know was missing until I found it again.

5.  Something I must read everyday…So she doesn’t update everyday, but when she does – it just lifts me up!  I can be in the sleepiest or saddest or weirdest mood and my {must read} blog, PidgApeg makes me happy or makes me laugh-out-loud like no other.  She will always be my fave.

6. Something I wish I’d done differently…Stood up for myself when I was a child, a teenager, a 20-something…I wish I’d grown my {excuse my French!} balls a lot earlier in life.  I have no regrets about what my childhood was like {not pretty}, how I handled being a teenager {way to submissive}, or what I did in my 20s {if I could remember most of it, I’d *maybe* tell ya} – because, although it sounds like a cliché, it has made me the woman I am today.  {But that’s a whole post altogether}

7.  Somewhere I find peace…Bookstores are it for me.  I can roam around a bookstore forever if you let me.  A very close second, the Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, Ca.  Lush, green, can breathe there.

8.  Something about why I do this…I blog…in the morning mostly – it calms me.  And then on the flip-side, blogging can drive me up the wall.  I can’t keep up with all the thoughts that I want to write about.  I blog because it’s the only space that is me – all me.  No distractions – just my fingers, a keyboard, and my love for writing.  I started this blog because I thought I’d be famous one day from it {lol – no seriously!}…and you know what?  You really never know…but now, it’s the place that I write in everyday.
And that’s just one of my biggest accomplishments – when I die, I’ll be able to say that “I wrote, so I lived.”

9. Something quirky…{or I'm somewhat quirky}That’s a bit of an understatement.  I’ve written about this before {my borderline OCD behavior}, but I think it makes me adorable.  My quirkiness makes my loves smile, my best friend laugh, and makes people say, “you should write a book”.  That I don’t let anyone touch my way too organized shelves, that when I’m in a restroom I have to fix the toilet paper the right way, that I always fold my hamburger wrappers before I can actually eat the hamburger…it just makes me “interesting”.

10. Someone(s) who inspires me everyday…Women.Have you really thought about what women have gone through to get where they are today?  The rights we have because of what the women before us did?  What women all around the world do everyday – give life – doesn’t that just put you in awe?
But still, women are each other’s worst enemies.  We gossip about each other, compare ourselves to one another, talk crap about each other, hurt ourselves while hurting others…and, sadly, I do it too.
Can’t we just stop.
No, really?
Why is it so hard?