There May (or May Not) be Choice Words in this Post...

If you are a regular reader of coffee-n-ink, 
you may notice that during certain times of the month I don't write as much on here.  
There's a completely logical explanation to this fact...
It's for your safety.

{Please note that I usually do not cuss on a daily basis, but sometimes, well, I do.  This is one of those times where a few choice words just makes me feel better.  So, if it offends you in any way, come back next week.  I should be back to my "normal" by then...}

Introducing the PMS edition! 
 Fair warning...

Okay I feel better now.
No I don't!
Yes I do!
Oh damn it to hell!
Told ya.

Please stop by next week when less hormonal but still a little irrational Nay is back.
Love you.
Ha ha ha ha
(crying again)
Oh good grief.

Wait, is that CHOCOLATE?!

Where's my Pamprin?
p.s.: all prints were found on pinterest, on my PMS-ing board.


  1. I think today was an excellent day for those chocolate caramel kisses to make their way to your desk. Hope they help fight the awful PMS!

  2. Those are so funny (and true)! Thanks for sharing, I needed a laugh. :)


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