Be the Sponge

I was being bombarded by my own negativity this morning.
I couldn't figure out what to wear.
Then I left all the lunch bags in the car the night before.
Then I wanted to cry.

But I stopped.

I had to.  I couldn't let stupid circumstances that didn't matter ruin a perfectly good morning.
A morning where I didn't wake up exhausted.
A morning where the kids came down on time and didn't oversleep.
A morning where I wasn't really rushing and actually had some time to spare.

I decided to be the sponge.
To be what I needed in my life at that moment.
I needed to soak up the calm and just breathe.
Because I've said it to you before...
 that just because something bad happens, it doesn't mean it has to ruin everything.

So I became the sponge.

I soaked in the morning kisses and hugs from my kids.
The "you look cute" from the Hubby.
The morning text from Pidg that made me giggle.
The "no traffic and got in just in time for work" commute.
The warm coffee with my favorite creamer.
The everything that gives me favor and comes from Him.

And I squeezed all the rest of the nasty shit out.
The bad mood because of my out of control closet.
The angry behavior because of something stupid like lunchbags.
Who cares?!
Don't get your panties in a bunch, Nay.

Just soak up the goodness.

Because in the end...
the sponge is the business!

Get it, girl.



  1. I love it! You are so what I soak up every day! Every afternoon... every moonshine (wink wonk) Loves you my Nay!

  2. I need to learn to be the sponge and soak up what I need. I've been letting negativity get to me a lil too much lately.


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