Brave Enough

Ah the new year’s post…
the first blog post of the year…
the post that will show you what all the other posts of the year will be like.

 Well, loveys….I just got back from a nice, long winter break.
I don’t know if this blog post will be epic, but I do know one thing…it will be all me.

Happy New Year!
Happy I Can’t Wait to Start This Year Off!

I’m so excited for what this new year will bring…
2014 has so many possibilities ahead….
365 to be exact.

365 days to show how brave and enough I can be. 
Those are my words of the year, by the way. 
They came to me separately but so in need of each other.


I want to reteach myself that I am enough.
That what I have is enough.
That what I do, feel, want, love, need is always enough.
That by being my own kind of “Enough”,
I can also be Brave.


To speak.
To write.
To let the words flow…
even if they aren’t always pretty because that’s what brave is.

Brave Enough to be me, to accept my story, to be my story…

2014…Bring it! I am so ready for you!


  1. This is so awesome and empowering. I need to realize that I am brave enough too.

  2. I absolutely love your words! I especially like them together because love, you are brave enough to do and be whatever you want! Now is the time to live the life you love and do the things you want. Enjoy it! xoxoxo

  3. You are such a brave woman, Nay! Happy 2014! I know you will have an amazing year!

  4. This reminds me of a quote, "it’s not who you are that holds you back it’s who you think you're not". I feel like I'm not brave enough to follow my dreams because I always think I'm not "this" or I'm not "that".

  5. Lovely thoughts!


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