I love responding to comments...

Hi there... 

Wanted to stop by really quick because I've noticed that a lot of you
 don't have your emails set up for replies when you comment here...

So, I went over to one of my favorite blogs and she has a really easy tutorial!

Check it!
Awesome, right?
I thought so.

I really want to continue our conversations, so...
will you enable your email?

Let's be enablers!

Please share this with your readers as well.
Just think of how much easier life will be!

Woot. Woot!

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  1. Ooohh…i must check this out. it will be on my to do list for the weekend. I LOVE blogging and connecting buuutt..i am honestly technology challenged. So I shall see what I can figure out. :)

  2. I must say, I love the new look you have here! Great idea to ask for people to turn on comments. My favourite part of blogging is responding to my comments. It is frustrating when I can't. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Uh, who did your bloggy facelift? It looks fantastic. Also I get so many no-reply commenters. Ugh! Love ya.


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