music to my ears

I received this in the mail on Saturday.  
These three CDs that I had only just talked about with one of my girlfriends.  

See, a week or so before I was texting with a dear friend of mine about my 2014 anthem, Brave by Sara Bareilles.  She had told me that she had her CDs and would burn them for me.
Oh, I was so excited!  
I'd have these burned CDs and drown myself in them.  Listen to them all day and hear a voice singing my brave to me and all the others lyrics I needed to hear.  I would quickly fall more into love with Sara Bareilles and envelope myself in her inspirational and empowering music.  I had a plan!

But, oh my goodness, when the little package came in the mail on Saturday afternoon...
I tore that thing open!  
I took out the CDs, expecting them to be copies which was a blessing already, but no...
My sweet friend outdid herself.
Three original CDs, with one of them being her live concert version with DVD!
I cried.

Those happy fat tears ran down my cheeks.
I felt redeemed.
Yes, because of a packet of CDs.

It really isn't the gift that took my breath away.  It's the thought behind it.  That I am special to her.  That I matter enough.  That she knows that I can be brave enough.  I got all of that from this gift.  

Back in December, when I first really heard those lyrics...
it was because of another friend that said when she heard certain lyrics in Brave she thought of me.
That was a gift in itself.

These women have put their hands on my back and held me steady 
when I thought I was no longer able to. 
They have uplifted me.
They give me strength.
In words...
With music...
By being an example to me.

And for that I am thankful.
Sara Bareilles is playing in the background as I write this post.
Her music is filling my veins with warmth of 

Love that only a friend can give.
Thank you, Brenda.
Thank you, Megan.

Thank you God for these gifts you have given me in them.


  1. Love you too. The first time I connected you to the lyrics I cried. It's a thing. This bloggy life. It's such a big thing. XOXO


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