not little...BIG!

Good Morning Lovey!
Last night before I went to sleep, I checked Pinterest for some inspiration and found this:
A blogger's One Little Word of the Year.
{and it's a printable!}
Why are we calling it one "little" word?

This word is Huge!
This word is going to change our year, right?
"Little" doesn't seem to be the right adjective.
Little makes me think of it being something petty and small.
Yes, there are lovely things and people that are little...but a word that will set the bar for the rest of our year?
Oh no, lovey.
This word that we are all picking...
This word (or in my case, words) is EPIC!

So today, as you sit here with me on your side of the screen, drinking something warm and wonderful, reading my words...

Own it!
Be it!
Define yourself by that
One BIG Word of the Year!

And don't look back.
Do what it takes, starting today, to be everything that encompasses your word(s).
Empower yourself to be someone you always wanted to be.
To be that person you already are.
To take charge of you and be
all of those words and everything in between.

I'm excited to see what comes out for you this year.
I'm happy to have you here to spend some quality time with.
I'm thrilled to know that, by coming to this place, you will feel
All You

Because there's no one better than you.
You, wonderful lovey, YOU!

So here's to you...and us!
Here's to 363 days left to rocking it!

Happy Friday Lovey...

Now tell me, what's your One BIG Word?
PS:  It's also #coffeedate time - link up with my fave, Alissa! She serves up a cup full of goodness!


  1. You are fierce Nay! Love this and can't wait to see what you can accomplish this year! xoxo

  2. Love this!! Girl bring on the Fierce!! #ROAR xo

  3. The word thing always gets me. I see great examples, but I never find one for myself that I love. But you, Miss Nay... you are Fierce. You are Inspirational. You are Love. You are Kindness. You are all of the words. And I love that about you.


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