Put on your red shoes and...

Earlier Today. 
Earlier today I practiced being out of my comfort zone.
Are you proud?
I didn't wear anything spectacular - just a black top and some black slacks...
This morning was a bit hard {as you could tell by the earlier post} but after writing it all out on here, I felt better right when it counted.
I took a breather and sat outside the office and looked down.
I was a little defeated.  Pissed that I was having a mini anxiety show.
But when I looked down
and saw my new red flats...
Oh lovey!
Everything was better in the world 
at. that. exact. moment.
Who knew that a pair of red flats from Payless could do this for a girl?
$9.68 is what it cost to make me smile.
And to that I say,
The rest of today went without a hitch.
I wasn't bombarded by requests like I thought I'd be.
Everyone was all "Happy New Year!" and stuff.
It was good.
Good for my soul.
And, secretly, I  thanked the shoes.
I was wearing all black (like the mood I started the day with) and ended the outfit with some brightness (just like the day developed).
It also made me think a little.
A little fab to the drab is just what we all need.
Me and you...we can make it happen!
Together we'll be fab in the most drabbest of days.
Because we can.
Together we can do anything!
It's the shoes that did it.
Those marvelous red flats!


  1. Love this! Just shows you how much your attitude has to do with your outcomes. Beautiful shoes by the way and great blog. :)

  2. I love red shoes! I could so see this happening to me. Having a crappy day and looking down at my cute shoes and turning it all around.


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