Role Model Material

Yeah...I'm writing a post about this girl.
This actress...
If you know anything (or have heard anything) negative about Jennifer Lawrence, I don't want to know. 
I have decided that, other than me, she will be my daughter's role model.
I want to print out quotes by Jennifer and plaster them on my daughter's wall. 
I want to get her Jennifer Lawrence posters as Katniss.
I want her to know that Ms. Lawrence is someone to look up to. 
I have seen her on tv interviews, red carpet interviews, fall on her face, lift herself up again, read magazine articles about her, laugh off celebrity news about her hair, laugh and be pretty normal on screen.
She takes on roles that are so different from each other.
She is versatile.
She is young.
She seems like the real deal, huh?
I like her.
I wish I had known about someone like her when I was a pre-teen.

So, she will be Lovebug's other role model.

I'm her first, but I like to think that Jennifer Lawrence will help out when needed.



  1. Love Jennifer! Hopefully I'll get around to finish my post soon. I have two in the works; 1 for boys and 1 for girls. xoxo

  2. Excellent role model. Love her!

  3. I love her! I would totally be friends with her if I had the chance. She's a great role model for children!

  4. I like her too. She is so goofy and doesn't take herself seriously. And she speaks encouragement to girls. Love it!


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